What is an “Affiliate Program”?

An affiliate program is essentially a travel club friendship. Each program director and their coaching staff has new and exciting relationships with college coaches. If our club’s coaches do not have the contact, we can tap into our affiliate network. Often, clubs have open roster spots for big time tournaments that they need filled. This program will make sure that if someone has a roster spot open, a player from an Affiliate Club will maximize that opportunity and fill it.

NC Elite Lacrosse

Greensboro, NC

Director: Charlotte Dixon
Email: ncelitelacrosse@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ncelitelacrosse.com

Soul Lacrosse

Tampa, FL

Director: Taylor Ketcham
Email: info@soullacrosse.com
Website: http://www.soullacrosse.com

North Florida Wave Lacrosse

Jacksonville, FL

Director: Meghan Jackowiak
Email: wavelacrosseclub@gmail.com
Website: http://www.nfwavelax.com

410 West Lacrosse

St. Louis, MO

Director: Bethany Potere
Email: 410westlacrosse@gmail.com
Website: http://www.410westlacrosse.com

Southern Zone “SOZO” Lacrosse

Atlanta, GA

Director: Clare Boothe
Email: clare.booth@sozolax.com
Website: https://www.sozolax.com

22 Lacrosse Austin

Austin, TX

Director: Nathan Snyder
Email: austin22lacrosse@yahoo.com
Website: Coming Soon

Special Events Coach

Director: Karen Healy-Silcott
Email: kahealy12@gmail.com
Website: Coming Soon