Recruiting Contacts:

Payton Drewer – Class of 2023

Position: Defense
Secondary Position: Midfield


Mentally and physically tough, Payton Drewer is fundamentally sound both on the field and in the classroom.
Payton understands the importance of communication on and off the field and is not afraid to express herself and get her teammates fired up.  As a complete player, Payton is able to execute on both defense and offense.  Dominant in both hands, her speedy and balanced control allows her to make quick and aggressive decisions.  Respectful, coachable, confident, driven, and self-assured are among Payton’s many attributes.  She carries this same respect and determination into the classroom as well.  With a 4.2 GPA in AP and Honors classes, she knows that excellence in the classroom is just as important as on the lacrosse field.  Humbled by her success both on and off the field, Payton is someone who understands the value in academics and athletics alike.  When not studying or playing lacrosse, she tutors middle school students in math, volunteers at the local Senior Living Center, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


School: Cambridge High School
GPA: 4.2

High School Coach:

Name: Kate Heninger