Recruiting Contacts:

Avery Adkin – Class of 2025

Position: Midfield
Secondary Position: Attack


I am a multi-sport athlete. I Picked up lacrosse in 5th grade after playing travel basketball and softball. Started JV in all three sports as an 8th grader and as a current freshmen, I started as shortstop on the varsity softball team, started as a shooting guard on the varsity basketball team and I currently start at Midfield for Varsity Lacrosse. I was recognized with all-region honorable mention honors for basketball. I recently made the American Select Lacrosse Team representing the Georgia region in the 2025 bracket. When I am not playing team sports, I enjoy snow skiing and scuba diving.


School: King’s Ridge Christian School
GPA: 3.7

High School Coach:

Name: Emily Stearns
Phone: [if athlete-hscoach-phone]

Video and Recruiting Links

Recent Varsity Game Highlights – 6 goals